"My work researches semiotic possibilities, and diverse mechanisms of meaning. I do employ a pluralist approach in facilitating open negotiations between multiple and alternate scenarios. The fundamental idea or concept of my work is borrowed from experimental music (chiefly jazz music); therefore, I utilize an empirical and theoretical synthesis of fractionate expressions (material and conceptual) within my practice. The ethos of my practice is to provide a ground for individual analysis of work or idea, as well as a transcendent relational meaning between multiple works or ideas positioned together in space. My praxis cites from, and is supported by community"

Chukwudubem Ukaigwe is a Nigerian born interdisciplinary artist based in Canada who consciously uses a variety of mediums to relay a plurality of ideas.


Ukaigwe's practice is a deep dive into the discourse of semiotics and modes of perception with the use of specific mediums to create alternate and multiple realities that interact with each other in open dialogues, presenting the figure in specific and diverse scenarios and paying attention to contemporary fashion, gazes and composition. He consciously uses a variety of mediums to relay a plurality of ideas, weighing an occurrence, feeling, or idea on a scale and then creating a narrative in his own language.


Ukaigwe earned his  BFA (Honours) degree at the University of Manitoba. and was the 2020 recipient of the Scott Leroux Fund for Media Arts Exploration.