AUSTIN UZOR Nigerian, b. 1991

"My paintings and drawings explore the idea of having a home while feeling homeless. With events in war torn African countries I wonder about the politics of conflict in the Sub-Saharan regions and its ripple effect and contribution towards human displacement. This focus is personal; it is an introspective conversation centered on my current status as an immigrant in the United States of America.


Born in Nigeria, Augustine "Austin" Uzor is an interdisciplinary artist whose works combine traditional media like drawing, painting, and sculpture to reconstruct ephemeral installations drawn from his experiences. In 2016, Uzor immigrated to the United States of America which informs much of the work he produces now.


Uzor’s paintings stem from the exploration of psychological spaces, forms and figurative interpretations through atmospheric scenery and colour language, the use of visual architectural structures, forms, and recurring figures in unrecognisable spaces, while juxtaposing reinvented sceneries with deeper imagery informs the therapeutic process of almost getting to that closure that almost never exists.


 In 2013, he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and earned a Master of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas in 2021. 


Now a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Painting Division at Alfred University New York, Uzor has exhibited locally and internationally and as well had his works privately collected around Europe, Africa and the United States while being published frequently.