4 - 31 August 2022
"I want to confront experiences and how they are perceived to invoke the unrest and anguish that every image possesses even when we’re not aware.” 

Bria Fernandes

Kanbi Projects is delighted to present the second exhibition in its Launchpad series titled Illusion Of The Unconscious in collaboration with artist Bria Fernandes.

Fernandes invites the viewer into an intimate space of discovery, a window to observe the unconscious mind in a monologue with the self; revealing our misconceptions and beliefs and the tension between the 'inner self ' and the 'other self'. The other self in this case being the ego - the sense of self as a coherent, rational actor expressed in the word "I" - which French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan refers to as the illusion of the unconscious, an image of stability and meaning created by the misperception of the relationship between body and self.

This exhibition is the second edition in the series of a newly launched platform by Kanbi Projects called Launchpad. Launchpad is an exclusive online-only exhibition providing exciting young artists with a solo collaboration with the gallery. 

Visit our Online Viewing Room and exhibition page on  Artsy to view the exhibition