31 March - 29 April 2022
Growing up as a refugee, I understood the self as an ever-changing phenomenon, it meant assimilating to whichever environment I was put in, in order to survive.
Glodi Bahati

Kanbi Projects is delighted to present an exclusive online solo exhibition of works by Congolese-born photographer Glodi Bahati. 


In her new body of work titled 'Fragments of Self', Bahati interrogates the politics of selfhood through a series of self-portraits. Bahati questions how we conform the self in order to be accepted, and how existing in the oppressive structures of capitalism, patriarchy, white privilege and other forms of oppressive systems dictates our performance and expression of self and limits our intersecting identities. In these vibrant, intimate self-portraits, striking and ever in motion, Bahati positions herself in conversation with this question.


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